Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What will my Morkie puppy look like at adulthood?

If you have had your Morkie puppy for several weeks already, you may have noticed that it is changing colors. Now, I don't know about all Maltese-Yorkie mixes, since we can end up looking very different depending on whether the Maltese or Yorkshire Terrier breed is more dominant, but my hair grew out to look drastically different at adulthood.

When I was born, my hair was pure black with a little bit of brown coloring. By two months, I was black with some tan -- and a little bit of white.

Two months old, on my way home.
Under all the black, though, was a lot of white. That's the Maltese in me, peeping out from underneath all that coarse baby fur.

Around seven to eight months, my hair is growing to reveal some white.
My hair kept growing and growing. With each haircut, I had less and less black fur and more fine, white hair. At adulthood, I am now mostly white with salt-and-pepper coloring on my back. Oh, and there are a few tan streaks on my ears still.

Fully grown, and so clean and shiny!
So, what is your Morkie going to look like at adulthood? There's no telling -- but you can look for clues as your pup's hair grows out. Does there appear to be a different color underneath? Then there's a good chance that's your dog's adult haircolor.


  1. So the posts, that describe the Morkie as a Mutant,Mutt, Mongrel and various derivations of "you didnt buy a pure breed from me" might not be correct?
    Our Morkie Mutant is as well mannered and tempered as any little guy can be, his hair is a constant bad hair day with attitude! Cute in a scruffy adorable sort of way. Thank you for your post on the coats evolution. From your information we have a tri-color black tan and grey, with a white undercoat coming. so likely to be white ? as an adult. Our pup (now 6 months) has the coloring of yours at 2 months coming home.
    Thanks for your information

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Most days are bad hair days for me, too! But my parents still think I'm pretty cute. Your Morkie's hair is probably going to look similar to mine; once it stopped evolving, it turned out to be mostly white with a grayish hue (sort of a salt-and-pepper look) on my back and a little tan on my head.

  3. I can hardly wait to see what my morkie will look lie now when she is fully mature! She has a lot of silver, much like yours at 7-8 months! And Ginger definitely has those bad hair days as well! She is 9 months old now and every day is something new! I am greatful everyday that we made the decision to get our morkie!

  4. My Morkie is completely white. :)


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